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WelcomeGardenThis is the first moment I’ve stopped to write since my journey began. I sit, full of gratitude, on my terrace overlooking the Chalice Well Garden and the Vale of Avalon, Glastonbury.  It is said the Holy Grail is interred in an ancient underground room beneath the wellspring. The sun is shining and is still quite high in the sky at nearly 7 p.m. When I woke early this morning the grey sky hung low above Somerset and drizzle looked like the forecast for the day, so this is quite lovely.

LaughingTorI started off the by climbing 520 feet up to the top of the Tor (hill) where St. Michael’s Tower was erected back in the fifteenth century. The wind up there was astounding. Interestingly enough, air/wind is the element associated with Michael (Saint, Lord, Archangel, whichever you prefer.) The view was breathtaking and I could see the fabled location of Camelot highlighted by a patch of sun in the distance. A small group of pagans danced in a circle, singing songs about Mother Earth on the lee side of the tower. All the while, sheep grazed on the hillside and ravens flapped about in the currents, landing to snack on juicy looking worms.

After a walk into town for some lunch, I went to the ruined Glastonbury Abbey, rumored resting place of King Arthur and Guinevere. It is also supposed to be the site of the first Christian church in Great Britain started by Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene. Suddenly, the clouds parted, revealing a bright blue sky and dazzling sunshine. I lay on the grass below the high altar and meditated. While I did, I saw amazing geometric patterns and a little boy who asked for help. It was the second time in two days he’s come to me. I wonder if he is an aspect of myself that will receive some healing and attention while I am here?

OrchardWhen Saint John’s church bells rang the hour, I rose and wandered the Abbey grounds. The peace I found there was profound. One corner is saved as a wilderness area and a nesting place for badgers. I liked that, as I had pulled a Tarot card before my adventure with a badger encouraging me to be bold and fearless. Queen Anne’s Lace, thigh high, covered the ground beneath twisted old trees. I discovered a British plant, popular for hedges, called Lime, which has a beautiful pleated texture. Two ponds, one a home to ducks who nestle in the reeds and beneath the willows, has a wild feel. The other, rimmed with stone and wooden benches, feels purposeful. Surrounding and beside that pool, is one of Avalon’s magical apple orchards. Soft pink and white blossoms cover the trees and petals float in the breeze, falling on the tall grass, more lace and tall purple flowers, which provide a gentle place to land.

Of course I have to mention Glastonbury’s High Street, full of shops specializing in all things magic and fairies, metaphysical and extraterrestrial, earth conscious and Spiritual. If you’ve ever been to Sedona or Mount Shasta, it’s that scene times twenty. Bearded, barefoot men, women wearing fanciful, colorful clothes (including a purple top hat), and the Megolithamania Conference attendees were out in force, enjoying the sunny afternoon and purchasing crystals, essential oils and gluten-free goods.


As I finish this update, a wedding ceremony is taking place in the Chalice Well Garden. The bride and groom wear sage green and, with her deep red hair and the handkerchief skirt paired with her corseted top, the bride reminds me of a woodland fairy. The officiant ties their clasped hands together with red and white ribbons.


I love Avalon.




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  1. I love you, dear friend. You are glowing in every photo you have posted and the joy that comes through in your writing here is pure. I am so happy for you.

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