The Fight

po2xaksuqs1fc2pSarah stood over the toilet bowl and emptied her bladder, being careful not to get pee on the seat.  She heard their loud and sharp voices near the restroom door. She felt their anger enter with them. Ruby Dolores, Mindy Skirwin and the rest of their teased hair crew came in, dragging the smell of cigarettes with them.


“Fucking Bitch! Who does she think she is messing with me?”

Sarah could imagine Ruby’s posturing, the way she popped her neck side to side and put her talons on her hips. She saw her leather jacket, black heavy metal tee shirt and skin tight jeans with the comb in the back pocket.

“She shouldn’t a done it. She knows Jimmy’s your boy,” said Mindy, the ever present girl thug. Some of the other gang members chatted about their lipstick and another entered the stall beside her.

Sarah wiped from from front to back and pulled pulled up her pants. She zipped them quietly and stood still, weighing her options.

She grabbed her backpack and pulled out the small knife she had concealed by the  metal support bracket.

“She think she so smart, that little rich bitch. Thinks she can have anything she wants.”  It got very quiet in the echoing room.

Sarah thought back to second period, when her lab partner knocked their petri dish on the floor and it rolled beneath Jimmy’s desk.  He handed it to her. That was all.

“Ha!” Lisa Braganolo’s head popped up over the stall just as Ruby kicked in Sarah’s door.

“Bitch, Git out here.” Ruby grabbed Sarah’s hair and pulled her from the stall, swinging her into the radiator under the window. She felt a sharp pain in her thigh and cried out.

Ruby came at her again, the other girls circling behind her and Sarah drove the knife up, under her ribcage.

“Bitch cut me!” Ruby yelled. As soon as they saw the blood, her posse turned and ran out the door.



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