Sneakin’ Around

Stackedboathulls-LunenburgThe air was warm and thick with lightning bugs and mosquitos. She’d slathered her long legs and bare arms with bug juice before she escaped the stifling confines of the cabin. She hoped Joey wouldn’t mind the smell and wondered if his girlfriend back home wore perfume.

Twigs cracked beneath her feet as she made her way down to the far dock where they’d agreed to meet. Before she snuck across the grass, she checked to make sure the coast was clear. All of the lights in the cabins were off, which meant the counselors were asleep. Nevertheless, she ran across the wooden dock, her sneakers living up to their name and sat down quickly on the far side of the stack of overturned rowboats.

“I knew you’d come,” Joey said and reached his hand out to cup her head. He pulled her toward him for a kiss.

It was happening so fast. No build up. No awkward pause; well, do we or don’t we? He knew what he wanted. He was seventeen. Practically a man.

She surrendered. He kissed like a man, or what she imagined a man would kiss like. It wasn’t one of those pecks or a what do we do with our tongues kisses, it was a real, honest to God, this guy really likes me kiss. And then she felt his hand on her leg and his fingers move swiftly up the inside of her cut-off jeans.

It was happening too fast.

A bright light shone in her eyes.

“What are you kids doin’ sneakin’ around? If it wasn’t the last night, I’d call your parents to come get you right now. Joey Camora, I thought I told you last week I wouldn’t put up with this hanky-panky. Get back to your cabin.”



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