Miss Understanding

Lady Chatterly's Lover for Kira Catanzaro



The librarian, named Miss Understanding, opened a can of worms when she pulled Lady Chatterley’s Lover out of the book return. A letter, used to mark a page perhaps, fell from its yellowed pages. She scanned the less-than-quiet library to see if anyone had seen her make the discovery. Being a curious woman, she unfolded the paper and read its salutation.


“My Darling,

The passions contained within these pages pale in comparison to the fire that burns within me when I think of your peach sweet kisses.”

She looked around to see if anyone saw her blushing and then scanned to the bottom of the page to see who had written the love letter.

                                                                                    “Your Lover,


Alfred? Why that must be Madge’s Alfred, thought the small town librarian. I’ll just call Madge right away and return her letter.

Clever Miss Understanding. It was, indeed, Madge’s Alfred who penned the letter. Unfortunately, however, it was not written for his dowdy wife, but rather for his darling donut baker.

Since the misunderstanding, Madge has lost fifty pounds.  She no longer eats the donuts her ex-husband brought her on Saturday mornings.




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